Naval Like the Plesiosaur: Violet Jurassic Ranger!

Clarissa Miller is the daughter of Dr. Miller and is the biological sister of John. She later becomes the second Violet Jurassic Ranger.

Gender Female
Age 16
Season: Jurassic Defenders
Designation Violet
Status Alive
Portrayed By

Kathryn Bernardo

Female Kyoryu Violet Role Call



Clarissa is surprisingly reserved and is easy to get disheartened. After succeeding her father as the new Violet Jurassic Ranger, and with the help from John and Andréa, she became more confident.

Violet Jurassic RangerEdit

As the Violet Jurassic Ranger, she has a plesiosauria motif. She shares the Plesio Mechazord alongside her brother.


  • Dino Defender: Transformation device and main blaster weapon.
  • Jurassic Saber: Main sword weapon that can combine with the Dino Defender.
    • Jurassic Rifle: The combined form of the Dino Defender and Jurassic Saber.
  • Jurassic Buckle: Dino Cell storage belt and communicator.
  • Violet Dino Cell: Main battery-like device that is the source of Clarissa's power.