"Power Rangers: Jurassic Defenders!"

The Jurassic Rangers make up the Jurassic Defenders. They are five teenagers that Thoth recruits to battle a revived army that threatens Earth.

Jurassic Rangers
Power Rangers:Jurassic Defenders
Led by: John Bautista
Mentor: Thoth
Base of Operations: Jurassic Temple
Location: Sanctuary Cove
Battled: Dread Army


Designation Role
Red Jurassic Ranger John Bautista
Black Jurassic Ranger Callen Haze
Blue Jurassic Ranger Neal Reynolds
Green Jurassic Ranger Riley Sakamoto
Pink Jurassic Ranger Andréa Harper


Transformation Devices / SidearmsEdit

  • Dino Defender (Morpher / Blaster)
    • Jurassic Saber (Sword)
    • Jurassic Rifle

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

  • Dino Cells for use with Jurassic Buckle

Communication DeviceEdit

  • Jurassic Buckle


  • Jurassic Cycles




Mechazord SystemEdit

Jurassic Defender Megazord

    • Tyranno Mechazord
    • Stego Mechazord
    • Tricera Mechazord

Alternate Combination - Velo Slash Megazord

  • Tyranno Mechazord
  • Stego Mechazord
  • Velo Mechazord

Alternate Combination - Markman Megazord

  • Tyranno Mechazord
  • Para Mechazord
  • Velo Mechazord

Alternate Combination - Muscle Megazord

Alternate Combination - Jurassic Master Megazord

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