Thundering Like the Pteranodon: Gold Jurassic Ranger!""

Kyousuke Matsunaga or Kyo for short is the Gold Jurassic Ranger.

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Kyousuke Matsunaga
Gender Male
Age 18
Season: Jurassic Defenders
Designation Gold
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Daniel Matsunaga
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Kyo was born and raised in Japan. He is a skilled swordsman and come from a line of samurai. During his trip to Japan, John meets Kyo and befriended him. Seeing potential in Kyo, Thoth recruits him and John to become the first members of the Jurassic Rangers during the Dread Army's first year of awakening.


Kyo is the polar opposite of John when it comes to how they act, a straight forward guy. He's a loyal and trust worthy friend, but is also honest yet aggressive.

Gold Jurassic RangerEdit

As the Gold Jurassic Ranger, he has a pteranodon motif. He pilots the Ptera Mechazord. The Gold Ranger's main weapon is the Ptera Saber.

  • Ptera Morpher: Transformation device and main blaster weapon.
  • Jurassic Buckle: Dino Cell storage belt and communicator.
  • Gold Dino Cell: Main battery-like device that is the source of Kyo's power.
  • Ptera Saber: The Gold Jurassic Ranger's personal weapon.