"Mighty Like the Stegosaurus: Blue Jurassic Ranger!"

Neal Reynolds is the Blue Jurassic Ranger.

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Neal Reynolds
Gender Male
Age 17
Season: Jurassic Defenders
Designation Blue
Status Alive
Portrayed By Callan McAuliffe
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Neal lives with relatives along with his two younger siblings, Yvonne and Rhea. They are very close ever since they were younger; being the eldest of the siblings, he takes care of them after their parents died prior to the series.


Neal is hardworking and intelligent, but has a hard time making friends because of the constant bullying from the local bullies. 

Blue Jurassic RangerEdit

As the Blue Jurassic Ranger, he has a stegosaurus motif. He pilots the Stego Mechazord. The Blue Ranger's personal weapon is the Stego Shield that resembles the Stego Mechazord's body.


  • Dino Defender: Transformation device and main blaster weapon.
  • Jurassic Saber: Main sword weapon that can combine with the Dino Defender.
    • Jurassic Rifle: The combined form of the Dino Defender and Jurassic Saber.
  • Jurassic Buckle: Dino Cell storage belt and communicator.
  • Blue Dino Cell: Main battery-like device that is the source of Neal's power.
  • Stego Shield: The Blue Jurassic Ranger's personal weapon.