Power Rangers: Jurassic Defenders is the adaptation of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and the first of the Defenders of Earth Series that is currently written by jcram0. In this adaptation, it takes place in an alternate universive, where this Ranger team is Earth's first defenders.


Long ago, in the time of the dinosaurs, Earth was invaded by forces from outer space known as the Dread Army. The only people capable of stopping them were a group of warriors who had a powerful connection with the prehistoric creatures. In the modern day, five teenagers are chosen to use the Dino Cells against this revived threat to save the planet. They are the Power Rangers: Jurassic Defenders.



Designation Role Actor
Red Jurassic Ranger John Bautista Taylor Lautner
Black Jurassic Ranger Callen Haze Colton Haynes
Blue Jurassic Ranger Neal Reynolds Callan McAuliffe
Green Jurassic Ranger Riley Sakamoto Yoshi Sudarso
Pink Jurassic Ranger Andréa Harper Megan Nicole


  • Thoth (mentor)


  • Doctor Sara Clarke (John's Adoptive Mother)
  • Detective Elias Harper (Andrea's Father)
  • Yvonne Reynolds (Neal's Younger Sister)
  • Rhea Reynolds (Neal's Younger Sister)
  • Ryu Sakamoto (Riley's Uncle)


  • Dread Army
    • Chaos
    • Dogma
    • Koros
    • Hotei
    • Penthos
  • Dreloks
    • Dinoloks
  • Legion
  • Devours


Transformation Devices / SidearmsEdit

  • Dino Defender (Morpher / Blaster)
    • Jurassic Saber (Sword)
    • Jurassic Rifle

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

  • Dino Cells for use with Jurassic Buckle

Communication DeviceEdit

  • Jurassic Buckle


  • Jurassic Cycles


  1. It Begins (Part I)
  2. It Begins (Part II)
  3. Sword Play
  4. This Is Me