Quick Like the Velociraptor: Green Jurassic Ranger!

Riley Sakamoto is the Green Jurassic Ranger.

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Riley Sakamoto
Gender Male
Age 17
Season: Jurassic Defenders
Designation Green
Status Alive
Portrayed By Yoshi Sudarso
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Riley is a skilled swordsman. He is the son of the largest business corporation in the city. Due to his father being away all the time, he has taken interest in kendo and is trained by his Uncle Ryu.


Riley is cold and anti-social. Like John, a distant loner; at the start of the series, he was referred as cold to his peers, but after joining the team, Riley began to open up to them and acknowledge them as his friends.

Green Jurassic RangerEdit

As the Green Jurassic Ranger, he has a Velociraptor motif. He pilots the Velo Mechazord. The Green Ranger's personal weapon is the Velo Blades that resembles the Velo Mechazord's claws.


  • Dino Defender: Transformation device and main blaster weapon.
  • Jurassic Saber: Main sword weapon that can combine with the Dino Defender.
    • Jurassic Rifle: The combined form of the Dino Defender and Jurassic Saber.
  • Jurassic Buckle: Dino Cell storage belt and communicator.
  • Green Dino Cell: Main battery-like device that is the source of Rileys power.
  • Velo Blades: The Green Jurassic Ranger's personal weapon.